Who We Are

We Are on a Journey

Bridge Church is an authentic faith community of imperfect people, learning how to love God more deeply, care for one another more consistently, and effectively serve those around us.
Located in Fredericton, NB, the Church is more than a building; it is people on a journey toward Jesus, doing all of life together.
We are the relational and generational bridge bringing wanderers into a life of authentic faith, and connection to others.
Bridge Church provides emotionally safe spaces to connect with God authentically, experience life change through spiritual journeys as we give ourselves away in service to others.

A Different Kind of Church

We recognize that for many, church experiences haven’t felt like the right fit. We believe that church isn’t a building, an event, or an institution—it’s forgiven people who are saved by grace for the purposes of God in this world.
In this way, our emphasis isn’t on seating people in a Sunday church service, but rather sending people into our community with a message of hope, loving and serving our neighbours as we go. We develop and equip people who do life together, by putting Jesus’ teaching to work in our own lives first, and then in service to others.
Our focus is on creating a community supporting one another, healing with one another, and practicing Christian values and teachings in more modern and real-world contexts. So regardless of your past or present, we are committed to journeying together with you toward your own wholeness, and then to the community around us.
We think this is best accomplished in smaller, closer groups and gatherings that we call Bridge Community.

Take Part

Our life together is experienced in three distinct settings: Bridge Community, Bridge Kids, and Bridge Youth.

Bridge Community

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Bridge Youth

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