Next-Gen, Worship & Creative Arts Oversight

Joel is our crazy creative guy who is passionate about all things music, media, kids and youth! He even gets to teach in adult services (when we let him). When he’s not leading worship music…or even if he is (we call it “The Joel Show”), he and his wife, Charlotte and three sons, are a vital part of the ministry life of Bridge Church.

Joel and his family come from all over, having lived in the US, Australia, and Canada. As someone who is very social and loves to connect and develop lasting relationships with others, Joel has built a legacy of friendships and ‘friends who are like family’, everywhere he has lived. He also brings unique cultural and societal perspectives which are healthy for our city and church community. One of his favourite sayings is, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” Trying new things and taking challenges head on is one thing he certainly welcomes.

During Joel’s time at Bridge, there has been a healthy growth of creative and youth ministries. His skillset has come in quite handy, in God’s timing, as we have endured the world of COVID. As we continue to grow, Joel’s dream is to reach new families and support them as they partner to raise their kids. He is passionate about teens, having been a professional educator for over 15 years, and with his background in church leadership, specifically worship in dynamic environments, such as Fellowship Bible Church – Roswell, Georgia, and Hillsong College and Church in Sydney, Australia, his love of music and creative arts is evident in all aspects of his ministry.

One last thing…Joel is a newly minted Canadian citizen! He is proud to call Canada home, being that he is a native of the United States. He always says that he has the best part of Canada in his heart…and that is his wife, Charlotte, whom he met at the University of Connecticut in 1998.

Joel looks forward to connecting with you and is always open and available to explore ministry areas under his guidance, and more importantly, to get to know you and walk with you in life!

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