Congregational and Community Care, Administration Oversight

Jason is the team member who never forgets a face or a name, and he is always the first to connect with a first-time guest. He loves hanging out with people and, with his wife, Tracy, they are a great team. If you are looking to find Jason, your best bet might be Starbucks or Second Cup, talking up a storm with someone he has just met. If you see him there, hit him up for some coffee and conversation. Jason is a gifted connector and caregiver, and in today’s world, that kind of leader is needed more than ever.

Jason grew up on Grand Manan Island and Tracy in Moncton. Both came to a saving faith in Jesus at an early age, and have been serving him ever since. Jason is an alumnus of Kingswood University (BA) and Acadia Divinity College (M. Div.). He has pastored two churches in New Brunswick and one in Prince Edward Island before coming to Bridge Church.

As you get to know Jason, you will soon discover that he is always approachable, a leader of impeccable character whom you can always count on to be there when you need him. Jason is the most unselfish guy we know, a man who always puts the needs of others ahead of his own, and leads by example each and every day. The rest of the team thinks Jason is a really smart guy because he is the recruiter who has brought this unlikely bunch together.

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