Mission and Community

Bridge Church: Love. Live. Go.

Are you seeking more authentic connections to God and others?

We meet so many people who desire a genuine spiritual journey, but the hurt and experiences of the past has left them frustrated, hurt, disillusioned and alone.
Our mission is to embrace you where you are right now and journey with you into the safety and security of a loving Father who never disappoints. Our commitment to you is to journey with you in all of life so that together we might experience wholeness and life purpose like we could never have imagined.

Why Are We Called Bridge Church?

The name is a really a double metaphor! The primary metaphor is that Jesus is the bridge between our sin and failure, our brokenness and God who loves us so deeply. Jesus is the bridge to a brand new life of faith and purpose that brings wholeness and meaning to our lives.
The secondary metaphor is that we are called to be Jesus’ “hands, feet and voice” in the world around us. This is our calling: serving wanderers who feel lost, isolated, or in some way incomplete, becoming a bridge to faith in Jesus, and authentic connection with others. In the Bridge we experience healing from our hurts, direction from our lostness and loving relationships from our loneliness. This is our mission.
For a more theological lens on who we are, please read more about what we believe through the link below.

Our Values

How Do We Do This?

As you probably have experienced already, getting an entire group to agree on anything is no small task. At the same time, we know that when a group of people agree on what is essential, something special and powerful emerges.

In 2020, with this in mind, we surveyed our people and spent three days with a smaller sampling to determine the essential values that we share. These core values have become the guardrails that keep us on track, being a people of loving God and neighbours and serving others around us. The following is a list of those core values, along with resulting behaviours that we share together as most essential.

Unwavering Integrity

We behave in ways that are forthright, open, and accountable. When there is conflict, we resolve it quickly and honourably and quietly. This is relational integrity. We will do right, regardless of the cost, obeying the laws of the land.

Authentic Community

We acknowledge our own hurts, habits and hang-ups, and practise transparency in relationships. We seek reconciliation and restoration in every circumstance and relationship – as we journey together in all of life: celebrating, encouraging and sharing life with one another.

Gospel Centred

We purpose to know Jesus more intimately – living lives marked by repentance and reconciliation, walking in victory over sin and temptation. We speak Good News as the remedy for our brokenness and the hope for humanity.

Enduring Quality

We diligently prepare for every act of service, realizing that every task is significant. We invest in planning and develop organizational structures that propel us toward a shared vision and mission.

Missional Engagement

We intentionally build relationships and serve needs outside of our own church community. We practise hospitality in all our relationships, welcoming others into our homes and our hearts.

Equipping for Service

We commit ourselves to ongoing equipping to serve others at their point of need, and to speak Good News as we enter into relationships that are outside our immediate circle of friends.

Our Mission

Explore Our Three to Five Year Ministry Priorities

We see mission as an evolutionary process that focuses on major endeavours over a specific time period (3-5 years) that moves us toward our vision of who we are becoming together. In the next four years we will focus on developing a more gospel focused and missional culture where we are constantly moving toward Jesus, growing in our likeness to him.

The years 2021-2025 will see a focus on the following:

  1. Revise organizational structures, processes and governance to better facilitate the church’s mission and strategies. (Completed 2021)
  2. Develop a culture of Gospel literacy.
  3. Develop a culture of missional engagement in every sphere (aspect) of our life
  4. Develop a culture that equips and engages every Jesus follower in replicating disciple making.
  5. Develop a serving culture where every covenant partner is both servant and minister.

Enhance environment and infrastructure (facilities and technology) to facilitate the mission and strategies of the church.