Bridge Kids

For Us, Kids Ministry Is a Great Adventure

Our curricular program is called BIG+ and is the curriculum used by Hillsong Kids ministries. It is highly engaging, interactive, multi-sensory, and age appropriate for children ages Nursery through grade 5.

Along with these creative lessons, children learn to worship, pray, understand God’s Word, and the importance of fellowship. In addition to this great curriculum, our own Bridge team leads and teaches in person and online. We create our own videos, music, and puppetry sketches. Your kids are going to want to come and meet our friends from “The ‘Ville” like Charlie, Wanda, Mr. Henderson, Goodman, Chef Pepe, Felipe the Frog, and Tony the Construction worker…to name just a few!

Additionally, we at Bridge Kids have a dream of utilizing the Sensory Space lessons that are geared toward children with neurodiverse learning needs. We long to serve families who will have a place to be a part of. We love your children – just as they are!

What to Expect

After check-in happens in the lobby with our safe ID program, kids are ushered into our main gathering space in the Multi-Media room. This is where the FUN begins! We have games and activities galore, and you’ll be greeted by our fun-loving team members. We worship, we sing, we play, and we learn – a lot!

You’ll notice, over time, that your child will begin to understand the Bible and God’s plan for them and for all of humanity through Jesus Christ. They will learn to apply those lessons to their own lives and develop healthy habits for all believers as they begin or continue their walk with Jesus.

More to Take Part In

  • Check out our videos and lessons on our Bridge Kids Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages.
  • Special activities and gatherings throughout the school year and Summer
  • We host family movie nights, picnics, and game nights: check out our Events Calendar.