In-Person Gatherings

Sundays at 10:00 AM

Join Our Next Gathering Live!

On Sunday we gather in our Church building and online through a live stream to celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness.

While the service for adults is taking place, we offer Bridge Kids for children from nursery through grade 5.

  • 10:00 AM

What to Expect

  • Come as you are dress code

  • Coffee and snacks are served 30 minutes prior to service time.

    We would love for you to hang with us over a coffee and neighbourly chat.

  • We enjoy keeping things light, so don’t be surprised to be laughing and enjoying yourself.

  • Our Creative Team, which includes visual, media and music, seeks a balance of being innovative and, at the same time, honouring toward the rich history of the church.

  • Our teaching is not churchy – but it is unapologetically Bible-based and substantive.

    We promise you will hear something that will increase your faith and change your life.

Bridge Kids – Great Adventure

  • On Sunday, we gather in-person and online through a live stream.
  • While adults gather, we have a separate area for kids.
  • Kids ministry is discussion and activity-based. We’ll run through some games and activities while having larger discussions about life and faith in ways more accessible to children of all ages.
  • Expect your kids to go home talking non-stop about their time with us, vibrant and energized by everything they have experienced and learned!
  • To learn more about Bridge Ministries for Children check out our Bridge Kids or Bridge Youth Facebook and Instagram pages.

Looking to gather outside a traditional church space?

Check out our events calendar for Bridge Community Events.