Bridge Community

Care Like Family. Serve Our Neighbours. Go on Mission.

What Is a Bridge Community?

A Bridge Community is a family of servant missionaries sent as disciples who make disciples.

And what is a disciple? We believe that a disciple is someone who is actively moving toward Jesus, with the intention of imitating God and reflecting him to the world.


  • Love as the Father loves. Therefore, we are children of God who love one another like family
  • Live as Jesus, God’s son lived. Therefore, we are servants of God who show what the Kingdom of God looks like in tangible form
  • Go as missionaries sent by God’s Spirit into the world. Therefore, we show and tell the truth of what God is like and what God has done

The goal of this family of servant missionaries is to lead others to become the people of God on the mission of God in the world.

This Is Who We Are; Therefore It Informs What We Do.

So is missional community a new idea? No.

Is it going away? Not as long as Jesus continues to build His church and not until He returns and the mission is accomplished.

However, the way we work it out is always changing. In the early church they met from house to house. Some today meet from beach to beach, office center to office center, school to school.

Some meet from house to school to office center.

What it means to love like family may take on different shapes and forms depending upon the culture and time we find ourselves in. Being servants of King Jesus in Tokyo might look very different than being servants of Jesus in Topeka. Proclaiming the gospel in secular New York might look very different than in church-saturated Dallas.

Our identity is always the same, but how identity is expressed is always changing. The mission will not change, but the means likely will. The gospel will not change, but how we proclaim it must. Yet no matter the place, the culture, or the time, the church is called to be a family of servant missionaries sent as disciples who make disciples.

Reach Out

Bridge Communities is a place where we learn to love like family, live like Jesus in serving others together as we go into our community, bringing healing and hope. Sound intriguing? Drop us an email at and check our calendar, Facebook and Instagram for meeting times and places.

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